I was sent a pack of 6 filters for the Mavic 2 Pro to test out – ND 4,8, 16 and associated rotatable CPL-ND4,8 and 16. Like previous reviews, we will start with the packaging:

The packaging displays well the difference between installing the Pro and Zoom lenses.

The lenses are well packaged. Just the small details that demonstrate attention to quality.

Focusing on the individual filters:

We can see that they are on average of a high quality. The adonizing is consistent, and multicoating consistent from visual inspection across the lens. Cheaper lenses often demonstrate non-consistent application of multicoating.

Looking at the sides of the filters, there are dimpled edges, which do actually help in holding the filter, and making it easier to put on and remove the filter compared to smooth edged filters as I’ll show below. But first, a picture of the back of both CPL and ND filters:

Again, fairly high quality construction at first, BUT, unfortunately, there is a small quality control issue. Looking at the filter, a faint line of glue was visible that was smeared beyond the glass edge into the visible area, something I have not noticed with the Skyreat filters I have reviewed previously.

From my tests, this does not affect image quality, but is just a pity of below average quality control. This was only present in the ND filters, NOT the ND-CPL filters, which I found rather intriguing.

On further analysis, I decided to compare these filters with the ones I received from Skyreat:

They’re virtually the same! Apart from some cosmetic changes, they are virtually the same filters. No doubt, they were made in the same factory. On testing of photos using these filters, there is no difference in quality between these and the Skyreat filters, which I reviewed previously here:

Skyreat Mavic 2 Pro ND and ND-PL Filter Review

Here are some sample photos with the ND4-CPL filters. I won’t bother posting up all the images, as the results are no different from the Skyreat review, but needless to say the optical quality is outstanding, with virtually no quality degradation and minimal casting, that the drone will compensate for anyway.

They are in jpg to make viewing easier, but are at full resolution, with no post processing. For those of you observant, it's visible the variable effect of the ND filter depending on what angle the drone is relative to the sun. With a fixed linear polarising filter, this would be uncorrectable.

However, with a rotatable CPL filter as we have here, this is easily ameliorated by rotating the filter to achieve maximal polarisation before sending the drone up into sky. Just aim the drone on the ground, rotate til you note maximal contrast and colour saturation on the screen preview, and send the drone up!

These filters fit the camera front assembly perfectly, and are very easy to put on and remove, aided by the dimpled sides which help grip the lens filter. There was no play with the filters I received between the filter and the lens body. The gimbal initialized with no issues, and the gimbal cover fit on without any hinderance like was present in first generation filters from these 3rd party suppliers.

Conclusion: A very good filter set, with excellent optical quality. The fit is spot on, and dimpled edges make this personally the easier of the two filter sets I’ve reviewed to put on and remove. It’s a pity about some of the quality control issues present on the ND filters (not CPL filters). However, this does not seem to affect the optical quality. For the price, this, like the Skyreat filters, is undeniably an excellent purchase, and something I cannot recommend enough for the Mavic 2 Pro.

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