I was sent a revised Skyreat 6 filter ND/ND-PL kit to review.

The main differences are now:

1) The gimbal cover will now fit over the gimbal with filter attached without obstruction

2) The ND-PL filter is now rotatable. This allows for variable/adjustable polarisation, which we will get into later

External Box:

Relatively unchanged. A nice gloss with clear printing. Nothing fancy, but gets the job done

Internal Box: 

It’s good to note that the QC seems to have been increased, and the filters are now fitted better into the box with the lens wipe.

On the left are the ND filters, and on the right are the ND-PL variable filters. Simple, well presented. The foam ensures that there is a nice secure fit of the filters into box. I prefer this over plastic box inserts which can scratch the filters on insertion and removal.

The ND-PL filters

These new filters are a big step up from the original linear PL that was unable to be rotated. Due to the direction of the sun at a certain point in day, the level of polarisation would vary with a non-rotatable PL filter. With this new improved rotatable PL filter, we are now able to rotate the filter and adjust for maximum polarisation regardless of the time of day/sun position. The filter spins smoothly, and there are nice white markings on both the filter base and rotatable segment that provide us reference points for what polarisation we were using previously.


I’ve tried both the ND and ND-PL filters on the M2P, and they are a perfect fit. The gimbal cover fits perfectly, with no resistance encountered previously.

Side on view shows no protuberance to make installation of the gimbal cover difficult. The fit is also very good, with virtually no play. I’m guessing there is less than a 0.25mm gap between the filter and camera housing. If it was flush on, then there would be scratching of the camera housing and filter, something that is not desirable.

I noticed during installation of these new filters, that the motion was a lot more smooth, with less play and resistance. This led me to analyse the old and new filters a lot more closely to see if any other improvements had been implemented.

Comparing the old filter on the right and new on the left, the new filter has bigger writing, making recognition of the filter an easier exercise.

The left is the new filter, the right is the previous generation filter. It’s clear from this image, the new filter is shorter on the width axis by over 1mm, which has now allowed the gimbal cover to fit nicely over the gimbal with the filters attached.

Left is new filter, right is previous generation filter. Looking at the differences, a few things start to become obvious.

1) The top right silver latch has no depression to fit the ball that is present on the lens enclosure. One would suspect this would reduce the hold strength of this filter, but I have not noticed such an occurrence. One reason this might have been implemented is to reduce the force needed to remove the filter during the initial twisting.

2) The 4 protuberances of metal that previously were rectangular to fit into the camera housing are a lot more round this time around. This would make twisting the filters in and out of the lens housing theoretically easier, and this is exactly what I’ve noticed with my samples. The twisting motion of the filter onto and off the lens assembly is much smoother.

More pictures showing the new rounded vs previously more rectangular metal latches


It is very good to see Skyreat take on the suggestions others and myself have suggested to them previously, and even small changes such as the metal latches being more rounded being changed add to what is an excellent filter set. I can only highly recommend this filter set. For the price, rotatable PL filter and now good fit of the gimbal cover onto the lens with the filter attached, it is an absolute steal. As shown previously, image degradation using the filters is almost undetectable, reflections are virtually non-existent.

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