81 cm x 122 cm (32" x 48") canvas

If interested in purchasing a print, please contact me via the Contact tab above, specifying:

1) Gallery Name (e.g. Landscapes) + Image Number(s) (by hovering over the image with the mouse pointer/pressing on the image on a mobile device)  OR Title of Image(s) -Title is enough, Gallery Name is not required

2) Print type. I offer Canvas, Glass, Metallic and Paper prints (framed). You'll then receive a quote with multiple sizes from which you can choose

Payment is via Direct Deposit or Paypal

- Discounts available for bulk orders / multiple images -

Images are also available for Commercial Licensing

A bit of information about print types: 

Canvas: Vibrant colours, cheaper than aluminium/glass prints but does not have the unique pop offered by the latter two. Printed on premium archival canvas using the highest quality ink.

Aluminium: Personally my favourite medium, aluminium prints allow for incredible 3D-like depth and colour that is unique upon print media types. Printed on high gloss chromaluxe panels, it is scratch proof, water proof, fire resistant and tear resistant. This print can be either floating (wall mount) or desk mounted depending on the buyer's preference. 

Glass: Allowing for more colour and sense of depth to an image than canvas prints, it is also more expensive than canvas, heavier and prone to breaking if dropped. Was my favourite medium of choice until aluminium came out, improving on all points of glass prints while not being so fragile and heavy. 

Paper prints: Framed or unframed, this is the cheapest of all prints offered. While offering more detail than canvas, it has a more 'flat' appearance to an image. 

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